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Retail Store


For all those who do not have a tax resale certificate, a business, or who just want to purchase a few things for personal use, we have a retail store which carries our sea shells, crafts, jewelry, etc. Our Shop is called The Pearled Nautilus and is located in the Red Barn in Bradenton, FL. 

The Pearled Nautilus has a wide selection of sea shells from all over the world, beautiful sand dollars which make perfect souvenirs, shark and alligator jaws, nautical décor and novelties. The shop is covered; floor to ceiling, with the most beautiful nautical trinkets and treasures and just browsing our wide selection is an eye opening experience.

The store is located in the permanent part of the market so we are open every day of the week, except Monday. The Red Barn is located at 1715 1st St., Bradenton, FL 34208 and the phone number is 941-750-6524.


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